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At Beldanse Dancing School we will make your dreams come true. Learn to dance in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our studios have air-conditioned, are available to all the students and are open all year round. Whether it be for competition or just for dancing, Beldanse Dancing School is the right place for you. Before going elsewhere, give us a call. We will be happy to refer you to one of our dance studios.


3330 Chemin Royal, Notre-Dame des Pins

814  Notre Dame Sud, Sainte-Marie

2128  Boul Rive sud, St-Romuald

Your teachers

Paul-André Lebel

Berthier Begin

Nos adresses

Trois studios de danse pour mieux vous servir.
- Québec pour info.: 418-254-2044 (Berthier).
- Ste-Marie à 20 minutes des ponts de Québec.
- Notre-Dame-Des-Pins du côté ouest de la rivière Chaudière.
- St-Georges salle paroissiale (secteur ouest).